george georgiou

When I had an accident at my workplace and ended up with metal fragments and terrible burns in my eyes, I immediately went to Doctor Vayiano. Thanks to his excellent knowledge and his in-depth expertise, my vision was fully restored from the same day. I feel very lucky that Dr. Marios Vayianos handled my eye care. Thank you very much!


I feel obliged to publicly express my thanks to the ophthalmologist Mario Vagiano for two very successful cataract surgeries. I highly recommend him because he is kind, polite and always smiling! "I can now truely see the light!" Thank you Marie!


alexandros veck

I have heard some people say that cataract hurts and causes immense sufferings. With Dr Marios Vayianos treating me, I did not feel any pain. I was bothered more by the eye-drops than the surgery itself. I did not feel a thing. Once I opened my eyes I could see immediately. I would like to thank the doctor for his effective guidance and excellent staff. I look forward curing my other eye now!


I had the laser operation on the 24/7/2017, and since them my eye sight has been restored completely. I could see crystal clear from the same day. Doctor Marios Vayianos, along with the staff of the Limassol-based laser center of Cyprus have done a great job and helped me to get rid of my eye problem permanently. I recommend to everybody and anybody that they should safely trust in the ophthalmologist Mario Vagiano and the laser center Cyprus to cure any problems they might have with their eyes.