tonometer Reichert The Air  tonometer is a modern instrument for measuring intraocular pressure and is used as an alternative method of measuring pressure within the eye.

This new method offers both comfort and convenience to the patient, since the measurement of pressure is painless because the eye doesn't come into contact with the equipment and thereby there is no need for the use of any anesthetic.

Testing with the Air Tonometer is as follows: an air burst is launched and intraocular pressure is calculated at the same time.

Why use Air Reichert Tonometer?

Measurement of intraocular pressure is performed with doses of automated air in the eye

Measurement is done without contact and therefore no anesthesia is required, nor does it pose the risk of infections of any kind

Quick and easy procedure without causing any discomfort to the patient with automatic eye scanning

Due to placing the patient's head on a cushion which is on a sliding headrest quick and accurate measurements preformed

Easy-to-use touchscreen tool that ensures precise measurements in seconds