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The use of Fundus Imaging in Ophthalmology is imperative to ophthalmology. With just one test many pathological conditions such as glaucoma, age related ocular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are easily diagnosed. Retinal diseases can have undesirable consequences for the patient's vision, so their timely diagnosis is crucial.

Examination is very easy without either the use of anesthetic drops or mydriasis drops which are normally required in eye examinations to induce enlargement of the pupil of the eye.


Why Use Optomed Fundus Imaging

optomed fungus camera

  • Optomed imaging technology is especially important for detecting and monitoring health changes in the eye
  • It has lateral projection and excellent functionality by using different modules (EV4: Retina display E2: Front view)
  • Easily and quickly stores patient report with pictures as well as post-diagnosis solutions related to retina due to wifi transfer of images to other devices
  • Portable device enriched with state-of-the-art digital instruments which are capable of providing a visual representation of the retina and the eye with a single device
  • High ISO-10940 image quality, international specifications
  • It has a field of view of 40 degrees
  • No need for mydriasis during examination
  • Accurate focus
  • Low flash intensity