goldmann aplanation tonometry

Tonometry is the procedure where the pressure of the eye is measured. It is an immensely important test because it is used to assess various conditions such as glaucoma, refractive surgery both pre-operative and post-operative, cataract surgery etc.

Anesthetic drops are needed to perform this test because the instrument must slightly touch the surface of the eye.

The procedure

  • During the examination, the patient sits in-front of a type of microscope and places his head on the provided head-rests. Then maximum illumination of the GOLMANN tonometer is focused on the eye, since diminished illumination may cause an underestimation of the intraocular pressure. This allows the ophthalmologist to examine the eye at great magnification
  • Local anesthetic drops are used for a more tolerable examination. Also, is fluorescein administration is not used we can have incorrect measurements since there will be detraction from intraocular pressure
  • Contact of the instrument with the eye will take place. Of course, the tonometer uses disposable head's which are always sterilized with special antiseptics to prevent the spread of viruses
  • Multiple intraocular pressure measurements are taken for accurate results