Optical Biometry is of extreme importance for in-depth eye care, since it is used mainly for preoperative checks with patience suffering from cataracts. With the help of it's specialized laser, ophthalmologists can measure the axial length of the eye, the curvature of the cornea and many other parameters that help to accurately calculate the intraocular, which in turn leads to the removal of the cataract in a precise manner.

With the use of this equipment, it is now possible to minimize the need for patients to wear glasses. Also, since during the procedure of optical biometry the eye doesn't come into contact with the machine there is no need for anesthesia during the examination.

Why Use Aladdin Optical Biometry?

  • Aladdin is an important tool in ophthalmology since it not only calculates the strength of the intraocular lens but it also selects the appropriate lens needed for each eye individually
  • Aladdin focuses on three main points:
    Speed ​​(every acquisition for all necessary measurements does not exceed 5 seconds),
    Accuracy (RCR technology provides extremely accurate axial length and corneal rays to determine the strength of the intraocular)
    of Use (only three clicks to print the report)
  • High technology design that uses interferometry
  • Built-in Placido Topography System, which provides all the necessary information from the detection and analysis of any corneal abnormalities to the correct placement of contact lenses
  • The model of Aladdin that we have at our clinic takes note of the posterior cornea while accurately measuring the position and thickness of the lens and is not based on random estimates based on the age of patients