Eye Web

eye webPterygium refers to abnormal tissue growth within the eye. More simply, it is the growth of conjunctival cells that create a triangular layer of fibro-vascular tissue (the web) that penetrates the cornea causing visual and aesthetic problems.

Pterygium grows slowly, with its presence becoming particularly visible on the inner corner of the eye.


Nobody has actually pinned the exact reason eye web occurs. However, people who usually experience it are more often residing in warm climates with increased sunshine, as well as people whose eyes have been subject to chronic irritation due to dryness of the environment and dust.


Pterygium can be diagnosed fairly easily, since its presence is highly noticeable even to naked eye. It isn't a cause for cause for concern when it remains at "normal" levels. When the web is small, local drops and ointments are enough to reduce inflammation, while in cases where the web has grown large and threatens the optic axis, surgical removal is indicated as a definitive solution.