About Us

Who we are

When you are in need of urgent care, wouldn’t you like to be assured that you are going to receive exceptional, affordable service? As one of the leading providers of eye care, we strive to ensure you and your family will experience the highest level of care. We feel that it is important to stay on top of today's latest technology and use it to our best interests. That is why we pride ourselves on having the latest most efficient, effective and up-to-date technology.

Our mission

Our mission is to treat every patient with respect, concern, compassion and to ensure the best quality of care as if you were family. We do this by setting forth and maintaining high standards of excellence with trained and friendly staff.

Meet Dr Marios Vayianos

eye surgary

Marios Vayianos, MD is an ophthalmic surgeon with love for what he does. He earned his degree from Moscow's Medical University in 1987 and then trained in various clinics in Moscow where he established his specialization as an ophthalmic surgeon.

In 1991 when he returned home to Cyprus, he founded his clinic and was the first doctor in Cyprus to preform Laser Treatment (Laser PRK) in 1992. Dr. Marios Vayionos was also the first in Cyprus to perform the Laser treatment Lasik in 1998.

His expertise doesn't stop at laser treatment though. Cataracts, Glaucoma, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Amblyopia, Diabetic Retinopathy - are just a few of the diseases he specializes in.

With professional consistency and respect for his fellow humans, he approaches each patient individually. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enables the doctor to provide high-level diagnostic and surgical services.